“Svētki Jums” professional team will serve and deliciously feed you in a wide variety of celebrations and events, including:

  1. Wedding feast
  2. Corporate Celebrations
  3. Birthday celebration
  4. Children’s parties
  5. Coffee break
  6. Theme parties
  7. The company’s anniversary
  8. Opening
  9. Presentation
  10. Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties
  11. Reception
  12. Grill party
  13. Itinerant trade
  14. Garden party
  15. Wedding Anniversary
  16. Baptism
  17. Celebrations at home
  18. Corporate events
  19. Banquets
  20. Party
  21. Funeral feasts
  22. Ceremonies
  23. And other events

If you want to enjoy high-class waiter and bartender service, feast your and your guest bellies with delicious food, and be delighted by beautifully decorated banquet table, use “Svētki Jums” services.

You will not regret it!