Birthday celebrationSvetki

Dzimšanas dienaBirthday party is a celebration that each of us wants to set up in such way that the visitors remain happy and remember the event for quite some time. Festive table is important because hungry man certainly is not a happy man. Here you can seek help with “Svētki Jums” catering team. Birthday celebration differ from other celebrations  by the fact that they can take place almost anywhere – in your apartment, the guest house, at work with colleagues or open air venues. We are ready to feed and serve you and your guests wherever you prefer.

What you get when you choose our services

If you want, we can do as little as prepare delicious dishes and deliver them to you, but just as well we can also provide other services, such as table setting, all the necessary equipment (tables, chairs, tablecloths, dishes, etc.), friendly service, bar with professional bartender who will prepare any cocktail that your guests might want to try.

We can also help with finding suitable premises, room decorations, artists and so on. All you have to do is choose what you want to put on the table for your guests. We can prepare small snacks, cook meat on the barbecue and provide a solid meal all night long. Last but not least – serve delicious birthday cake with coffee or champagne.