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šampanieša piramīda un kāzu torte

Wedding feast with “Svētki Jums” will be a success. We offer a wide range of solutions for your wedding, starting with champagne and snack serving at the church and finally a grand dinner, champagne tower and breakfast in the morning..

If you choose us as your wedding servers – you definitely will not regret it, because you and your wedding reception guests will be well fed and definitely satisfied. We guarantee it!

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Weddings are one of the celebrations that require considerable financial resources, which is why we offer:

  • High-class service and the most delicious wedding table dishes at a reasonable price.
  • Together we will agree on an assortment of food, service staff and perhaps a little show on behalf of waiters and bartenders.
  • Our professional team of cooks and servants will make sure that your guests are fed and wedding table is applied thoroughly.
  • Together we will choose colors and compositions, which you want to see on the festive table, discuss the number of staff and other details.
  • We have extensive experience in arranging the wedding feast, so we can share this experience with you and work together to create a wedding feast that is required for your wedding.
  • We can help you choose the banquet venue, as well as recommend good wedding musicians that we liked in other weddings, or even provide you with flowers.
  • If you want – we can create a separate bar, where delicious cocktails will be served to your guests.
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We offer a variety of solutions, from simple wedding that will not require large funds, up to the biggest wedding, where exquisite dishes are served and presentation can be described by just this one word – magnificent.

If you are willing to go on the wedding trip right after the ceremony and only treat your guests with some champagne and snacks at the church, also in this case “Svētki Jums” will come to your aid for all the organizing.

Everything is in your hands – we will help you arrange wedding, the way you want to see it. For example, one with snacks and champagne at the church, followed later by a delicious wedding dinner and finally refreshing breakfast in the morning. Of course all of it will be provided in highest quality.

Contact us to arrange a meeting and we will discuss every detail, because we are truly interested that our customers (and therefore you) become satisfied and happy.

Choose “Svētki Jums” and your wedding feast will be a success!