Celebrations in the companySvetki

Korporatīvo svētku torteCelebrations in the company is a great way to consolidate collective, strengthen relationships with partners and customers, improve understanding between colleagues and so on.

We offer you a banquet table setting with delicious food for your company’s corporate event, regardless of whether it is a small party between closest colleagues in the office or a large celebration outside the company’s premises.

We will provide the best meal and highest quality service at great prices.

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Often our customers, variety of companies and institutions, prefer to use “Svētki Jums” services – banquet table setting and service in various small and even the largest celebrations of the company.

The most common celebrations at the work include – Christmas and New Year parties, the boss’s or another employee’s birthday party, company anniversary, Midsummer Day, Women’s Day, various achievement and success celebrations.

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If you want to have a truly good meal, then you definitely will not regret choosing our services.

  • We will serve delicious and beautiful buffet tables or provide table service.
  • Whichever type of banquet you choose – we will provide you with highest quality service and great food.
  • If necessary, with the help of our partners, in addition to our services we can arrange and provide other important things, such as venues, flowers, artists, scenery and so on.

If you want “Svētki Jums” team to provide you with a proper meal for your corporate event, call or write us.

We will come to you, hear out your ideas and together we will decide what exactly is best and most appropriate for your celebration.