Champagne towerSvetki

šampanieša piramīda kāzāsIf you want to please your guests with the something unusual and beautiful, we recommend champagne tower. It will be one of the highlights of any evening – weddings, anniversaries, balls, dinner banquets and other celebrations. If you want to, you can take part in filling of top champagne glass and watch how beautifully champagne flows down into the rest of the glasses.

Special offer now: if you order our catering services for at least 150 Euro, you will receive a 20% discount for champagne tower.

Champagne tower prices

Šampanieša piramīdas izmaksas

Četrstāvīga piramīda (30 glāzes) – 80.00 EUR

Piecstāvīga šampanieša piramīda (55 glāzes) – 110.00 EUR 

Sešstāvīga piramīda (91 glāze) – 150.00 EUR 

Septiņstāvīga piramīda (140 glāzes) – 220.00 EUR 

Šampanieša piramīdas cenas ar dzirkstošo vīnu – “Rīgas pussaldais šampanietis”

Četrstāvīga piramīda (30 glāzes) – 160.00 EUR 

Piecstāvīga šampanieša piramīda (55 glāzes) – 280.00 EUR 

Sešstāvīga piramīda (91 glāze) – 370.00 EUR 

Septiņstāvīga piramīda (140 glāzes) – 630.00 EUR

Additional costs to the price of champagne tower are transport costs (in Riga – 10 EUR; outside Riga 0,50 EUR per 1km). If you want to order champagne tower for your event, please contact us. It is possible to arrange larger or smaller tower or even other shapes, such as triangles. In addition, cocktail cherry can be put in each glass. The price includes – glasses, tablecloth, and table skirt for tower table, waiter service for 1h, who will prepare the tower and then remove it. If you choose to provide your own champagne for the tower, then we recommend one bottle of champagne for every five glasses.

Order champagne tower and pleasantly surprise your celebration guests!